Newly Engaged? Avoid these Wedding Planning Blunders!


While you’re basking in your soon-to-be betrothed bliss, and diving head first into your wedding planning, don’t go all overboard in your excitement and make these mistakes that can hurt you in the pocket:

– Pay for everything for your bridal party: You only barely have a general ballpark idea of what your wedding costs will be, while it’s a nice gesture if your BFF from elementary school says she can’t afford to be in your wedding, you could put your relationship in jeopardy if you make promises that you are unable to keep.

– Give your parents carte blanche with planning: Even though your parents may be footing the bill, it is your wedding. Establish boundaries in the beginning to avoid drama.

– Fall in love with the first dress you see/try on: In the beginning you probably have a few ideas of what you want the dress to look like. However, if you’ve watched any wedding reality shows for at least 7 minutes you know that often times the dress that you least expect is the one that brings tears to your eyes once you look in the mirror

– Invite everybody and their mother to your wedding: The guest list is THE singlemost way to control your wedding budget. If you find that your initial invite list is large, prioritize and determine if there are some people that you can invite to the engagement party and skip the wedding. Be strategic.

We couldn’t be more happy for you on your engagement, but it’s important that you have a realistic expectation of the wedding planning process while you’re floating on Cloud Nine with your fiancé. You be sure to keep these mistakes in mind, and you’ll get off to a wonderful start 🙂


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