10 Ways to Work your Wedding Dress

Amidst all of the planning, details, organization and chaos, the wedding is primarily about one thing:


Women obsess about it, turn into a crazed madperson shopping for it, and have been known to cry three rivers of joy once they find it.

After the wedding, and being whisked away to marital bliss, where does this precious gem end up?? In the back of the closet….

It’s possible to get more mileage out of that dress, read below for ideas!

1. Anniversary/Date Night Outfit – Certain dress styles (A-line, sheath) can translate perfectly in a less formal outfit. Get it hemmed, a jacket/shrug and a few accessories and  you’re good to go.

2. Christmas Tree Skirt – just in time for the holidays, don’t let that train go to waste!

3. Baby Christening Gown – Just in case you jump right in to building your family 😉

4. Bassinett/Crib Bunting – see number 3.

5. Trash the Dress photo shoot – Safety first!

6. Rent (or loan if you’re feeling generous) the dress to a deserving bride.

7. Consign – help another bride have the day of her dreams, and recoup some of your money.

8. Accessories/Decor – Practically every bit of lace, tulle, silk, etc. can be used to make handkerchiefs, veils , curtains or even decorative pillows for the home.

9. Costume – to make this clear, you’ll be going as ‘The Bride’

10. Gift Wrap – Beading or lace can be used to elevate any gift packaging.

So there you have it, get busy putting that dress to work!

Did you repurpose your dress after the wedding? Do you have any other ideas for repurposing? Let us know!

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