How Event Planning on a Budget can Help you Predict the Future


We’re not talking crystal ball here, but armed with the right information (and a professional event planner), you can cut your event costs and predict that you and your guests will have a grand time. The key is to preserve quality while preserving your dollars.

Photography/Videography: A professional photographer/videographer can charge upwards of $1000 to photograph or record certain types of events. Many think that you can just ask a friend or relative to capture the event to save money. That is not recommended. Instead, look to local photography clubs. You may find members that are super-hobbyists and have all of the necessary equipment but aren’t doing photography as a full-fledged business. It would be a good idea to hire them for a pre-event photo shoot or video to ensure you will be satisfied with their work.

Venue:  If you think that you could save money by holding your event at your house for free, depending on the number of guests you may be required to apply for special permits, not to mention your neighbors might not be too pleased with you afterwards. If you’re hosting a themed event, look for a “matching” venue. Western theme? Consider a barn (or anyplace in Tombstone…) . You would save money on decorations.

Flowers. Are you envisioning and event complete with walls and tables full of your favorite flowers?  Well, you might be shocked to learn that fresh floral costs can get up to $500 or more.  Save money here by forgoing your fave flowers and sticking with what is in season. Or even better, choose a garden for your venue!

If you can save money during the planning process by making these small swaps, we predict an event full of merriment, good tidings and cheer and best of all, no buyer’s remorse 🙂


photo credit: <a href=””>Tax Credits</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

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