The ‘Secret Sauce’ Wedding Planning Tips


Sure, anybody can do an online search for tips to plan a wedding, but there are some things that will be omitted, some things that may be indirectly related to the big day, but are no less significant in your newly married life. While we agree that experience is indeed a good teacher, some things we just HAVE to share 😉

The Cake

Get personal. Give each guest his or her own miniature wedding cake or cupcake-a work of art to win over the toughest critic. Have a larger cake created so you can have the fun of slicing it. If you’re on a budget, stick to cupcakes. Add a special touch with your monogram, a special flower or color that makes the guests think of you two.


Take a cue from nature. An “unkempt garden” is a popular look with tall centerpieces overflowing with beautiful flowers, branches and leaves. Candles all over the table are a great way to give the room a warm, inviting finish. The idea is to make your guests feel as if they’re not in a museum, but at a celebration of your union.

Selecting Gifts/ Personalizing your Registry

Give guests lots of choices and price ranges. To make it easier on yourself, wear comfortable shoes and clothes when choosing your gifts. Take along some water and snacks. If your fiance doesn’t want to be involved, do most of the legwork yourself and “extend the invitation again”  once you’ve narrowed down the choices.  Let the registry reflect your personality and think about your entertaining style. Let your registry develop around that.

Home Decor

Don’t forget to feather the nest before leaving for your honeymoon. Don’t you want to return to an inviting (already decorated to your liking) space where you can begin your life together?

The actress Ruby Dee said it best, “The wedding is the event, the marriage is a lifetime.” You should certainly take care to ensure your day is free from incident, but it is equally important to put that same energy to the days, weeks, months and years that will follow. Add these bits o’info to your list, and don’t worry, you can thank us later 😉


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