Guerrilla Wedding, no Camo Required

Mr. Webster (the dictionary dude) defines guerrilla as, “a who engages in irregular warfare especially as a member of an independent unit carrying out harassment and sabotage”. (Source)

Well, there has been a recent increase in the guerrilla wedding, one where the couple does not reserve a venue, plan an elaborate ceremony, and may not even buy “the dress”. Instead, they show up at a predetermined location with their officiant for an impromptu wedding. 3-5 minutes they are declared husband and wife. In most states an officiant and a witness are the minimum requirements for a marriage to be legal.

What types of locations are we talking about? Anywhere! The mini golf park where the first date where the first date was held, the favorite amusement park ride, museum in front of a favorite painting.

On one hand, a guerrilla wedding is unordinary, romantic, and it’s a memory that that will cherished for the remainder of the couple’s lives together. On the other hand, some venues may frown upon (or take further action against) a couple using their space for a wedding without permission.

Regardless of the plan, the day is about recognizing the love between the bride and groom. If it is your intention to create a diversion to distract security until you’re hitched, don’t say we didn’t warn you about potential apprehensions!

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