Escort Cards vs Place Cards…What’s the Difference??

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between escort cards and place cards, and depending on the atmosphere you want to create for your event, one may fare better for you.

The Escort Card

As the name implies, this is the card that escorts your guests to their table. Usually positioned at the entrance, these cards direct guests to the table (and seat number, if applicable) where they will be sitting during the event. Depending on how creative your escort cards are, they could also function as a favor for your guests to take home. The downside? For larger events, guests may have difficulty finding their cards and this could lead to a cluster of confused people at the door.

The Place Card

This card is positioned at the place where your guests will sit. You can get as creative as you want with these as well, they could also be a memento for your guests. The downside to these is pretty much the same as the escort cards, guests may have to wander around to find their seat, although it could be a wonderful mingling opportunity 😉


If it floats your boat to use both an escort card and a place card at your next event, by all means do it. For a sit down meal, it may provide assistance to the serving staff to know who is sitting where.

So, what do you think about using any type of “directional assistance” to guests?

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