Um, I don’t need a Planner, my Venue Provides One…

Often times when you choose venue  for your event , venue coordinator is included in your costs. Be not confused, this person is not the same as an independent planner.

Outdoor Event

The Event Planner: The primary goal of the  event planner is to make sure that your event goes smoothly. Various levels of services are offered that range from Day One planning and beyond to Day Of Coordination. Planners deal in details and minutiae and make sure that everything is carried out according to your plan. The planner is your spokesperson, and handles issues with vendors and/or the venue staff.

The Venue Coordinator:  This person is responsible for making sure that everything having to do with the facility runs smoothly. They ensure that the venue is set up according to the plan, and make sure that your vendors adhere to the venue’s rules. They are also available to answer questions or address concerns related to the venue.

Of course there are many wonderful venue coordinators who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their clients have  an enjoyable event and work very well with event planners.

The major difference between the two is that the event planner works for you. The venue coordinator works for the venue.

Tell us about your past experiences with venue coordinators, we’d love to hear your testimonials.


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