Business Event Planning Taboos that you Should Break

When it comes to business events, many companies go around and around with the decision to hire an event planner or not. Having been on this side of the planning realm, this is a stressful time for all involved. Below are a few unwritten “rules” that have worn out their welcome:

We can’t afford a planner! – A planner is a repeat customer, and suppliers and vendors are grateful for them. Negotiating deals over time will grant planners the best rates, and many times your planner ends up saving you more than their fee.

Can’t somebody in the office just do it? – Your employees already have their daily duties and responsibilities, adding the task of planning an event takes them away from what they are being paid to do, which affects productivity.  A professional planner can organize and execute your event in less time, allowing your employees to focus on other responsibilities.

Let’s just put the tables and chairs anywhere! – Planning for décor and the venue layout Is central to supporting the event’s goals. Positioning the chairs a certain way helps the audience to feel more involved and engaged.

It’s Fun! – Sure, after the timelines, deadlines, organizing and emergencies, it’s a hoot 😉

For the sake of your business events, these taboos must go! Make sure that you weigh the pros and cons of choosing to go it alone with your event, although it’s never too late to call in reinforcements 😉


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