Rent the Tux, and What Else??


Yes, you read correctly. Since the beginning of time, men have rented their attire for proms, black tie affairs and weddings. All they have to do is go to the rental store, find the colors they’re looking for in the right size, and wait for the appointed day to go pick up their tux. After the event is over, no need to clean, preserve, or store, they just drop it off at the store and go about their merry way.

Fret not, ladies. You now have a similar worry-free option….

Rent the Runway Weddings  

If you’re unfamiliar with Rent the Runway, the concept is exactly what it sounds like. You can rent attire and accessories for your special occasion, for a lot less than what you would pay if you purchased them. You have the items for a 4 or 8 day period, and after you soiree, return it in the provided prepaid package. Easy Peezy!

Depending on a bride’s style, there may be a dress in RTR’s inventory that would be perfect for the ceremony for her and the bridesmaids, not to mention all of the other categories that cover every single bridal event (wedding brunch, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, etc.)

If you’re still looking for “the dress”, don’t count RTR out, you just may find yourself falling in love 🙂



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photo credit: Lynn Friedman via photopin cc

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One thought on “Rent the Tux, and What Else??

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