Five Details Every Bride Forgets….


Bridal hanger, wedding, wedding dress

By no means are we placing blame here, we understand that you have a LOT on her mind as your wedding day draws near, it is your trusted adviser’s responsibility to have your back  with respect to these items:

  • NO WIRE HANGERS – Mommie Dearest had her flaws, but we have to agree that a wire hanger won’t do well in the treasured hanging wedding dress photo. Make it one of the items on your “Something Pretty” list.
  • Cash – You may want to tip the MUA or hairstylist once the final look is revealed.
  • Dress Retrieval – if you change into something more comfortable after the reception, appoint someone to retrieve your gown and take it to the cleaners (one less thing for you to do after the honeymoon)
  • Eat – With all the excitement, you may forget. Appoint someone to remind you to have a bite of three.
  • Your own Cake Cutter – Your caterer will no doubt have one for you to use, but if you have a special set it should definitely be in your photos.

Not having these items won’t ruin your day, but if they’re important to you they should be included. Happiness and Joy are the only emotions you should feel on your wedding day, and it’s definitely possible if you have the right team around you.


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