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Why Day-of Wedding Coordinators are the Best Thing Since a Bread Slicer…

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Wedding Directional Sign


Picture it: Sicily, two weeks before your wedding. You and your fiancé have made it  through the process of planning your wedding relatively unscathed. Vendors have been paid, final fittings have been completed, and wedding day attire will be picked up next week.

The only thing left to do is work out the timeline for the Big Day: the caterer and DJ will have to be let into the reception venue at a certain time, the photographer needs a copy of the final itinerary, the live flowers will need to be placed, etc., etc.

Wait a minute, you’ll be busy getting married, who’s going to handle this stuff?????




Enter the Day-Of Wedding Coordinator. (cue Super Hero music)

There has been an uptick in couples requesting a Day-Of Coordinator instead of a Full Service Wedding Planner due to budget constraints and the “cool factor” of a DIY wedding. However, it’s important that couples realize that it’s impossible to be two places at once, and all of the guests (including family and friends) want to be able to enjoy the day and celebrate with you instead of working.

Ideally, your Day-Of Wedding Coordinator has been hired at least a month before the wedding. This gives them time to meet your vendors, become familiar with your contracts to ensure vendors abide by them, develop an itinerary, orchestrate your rehearsal, and learn enough about you to make sure they have an idea of your wedding day vision.

The Day-Of Wedding Coordinator becomes your advocate, weddingguard ( that’s a bodyguard for your wedding), representative, and for all intents and purposes, the conductor of your wedding to eliminate any headaches for you and your betrothed.

There is a misconception that only wealthy people hire wedding planners. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You determine how a planner/coordinator best fits into the process for you, and you hiring a Day-Of Coordinator definitely gives you the opportunity to benefit from professional expertise and management services for less that the cost of a full-service wedding planner.

The journey to marriage should be one that you look back on with great joy and happiness, a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator could be exactly what you need to make that happen.



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Five Details Every Bride Forgets….


Bridal hanger, wedding, wedding dress

By no means are we placing blame here, we understand that you have a LOT on her mind as your wedding day draws near, it is your trusted adviser’s responsibility to have your back  with respect to these items:

  • NO WIRE HANGERS – Mommie Dearest had her flaws, but we have to agree that a wire hanger won’t do well in the treasured hanging wedding dress photo. Make it one of the items on your “Something Pretty” list.
  • Cash – You may want to tip the MUA or hairstylist once the final look is revealed.
  • Dress Retrieval – if you change into something more comfortable after the reception, appoint someone to retrieve your gown and take it to the cleaners (one less thing for you to do after the honeymoon)
  • Eat – With all the excitement, you may forget. Appoint someone to remind you to have a bite of three.
  • Your own Cake Cutter – Your caterer will no doubt have one for you to use, but if you have a special set it should definitely be in your photos.

Not having these items won’t ruin your day, but if they’re important to you they should be included. Happiness and Joy are the only emotions you should feel on your wedding day, and it’s definitely possible if you have the right team around you.


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That First Look…..

More and more couples are bucking the trend not seeing each other before their wedding and choosing to make that first look an event all by itself.

The First Look photo is just that; an image that captures the pure surprise and emotion of the couple the first time they see each other before the ceremony. Brides are also choosing to do this with their fathers, seeing Dad’s eyes tear up when he sees his daughter always makes for a moving image.Wedding-at-Cordillera-JB-First-Look-1






Photo credit: Jared Wilson Photography

Aside from being able to capture these moments in real time, the couple then doesn’t have to spend so much time in between the ceremony and reception doing their photos. The photographer will most certainly have gotten excellent shots of the bride and groom, all that will be needed is the bridal party, and everybody get proceed to having a grand time.  No rushing, no impatient guests, no hungry bridesmaids (they can get pretty scary….)

The  First Look shoot should definitely be planned into the wedding day timeline, the photographer will certainly want to make sure that optimal lighting conditions exist for the couple.


What do you think about the First Look Photo?



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Food Servers not Needed!

The candy buffet is proof that people like being able to customize what they eat to their palette. Why not take the “Make it Yourself” trend a step further? You can pretty much take any menu item and make it into a food station with options for your guests. How fun is that??? To drive the point home a little further, here are a few ideas:

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

















Your Home Based Mom

Potato Bar (baked potatoes, wedges, tots, chips)

potato bar












Events by Social Graces


Fruit Tarts












Design Indulgences


Cheeseburger Sliders

















Sweet Bliss Weddings









Cake Events Blog

Not only are food stations a way to make your events fun and upbeat, your guests will definitely appreciate having food options, and as far as costs are concerned, you save on wait staff and catering equipment (SCORE!).

The only limit on what you can serve at a food station is your imagination, so think outside the box!


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