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Pre-Wedding Soirees for the Ladies

As with our accessories, ladies have options when it comes to the way they want to celebrate pending nuptials. Depending on the bride’s personality, one or all of these event types might be on the agenda!

Engagement Party – Okay, this one actually involves the groom and family, but it’s the perfect opportunity for the bride to charm the pants off her soon-to-be extended family members.

Bridal Shower – This event is usually hosted by the maid of honor, and it’s a chance for the entire bridal party to come together to celebrate the bride and “shower” her gifts to prepare her for married life.

Bachelorette Party – Also typically hosted by MOH, think Girls Night Out.

Bridesmaid Luncheon – The bride hosts this event to show appreciation for her bridesmaids. If she has decided to give gifts to the bridal party, they’re usually given out during this event.

There is an enormous level of stress that comes with planning for a wedding, so any opportunity to relax, laugh, and enjoy the company of family and friends should not be missed. If you haven’t been thinking about downtime during your wedding planning process, I hope something has been sparked that makes you realize that it’s best for all concerned that you take a break. Your groom will thank you 😉


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Outdoor Event? You Need to Know this!!







So, you’re planning your next event to be outdoors, maybe a local park or beach??  (Good choices!)

Before you start planning your décor or anything else, there a few things of mucho importance that you need to think about. Here goes:

Permit – different rules apply when it comes to city parks, depending on the size of your event. If your local public green requires a permit, it’s imperative that you get this done well in advance.

Shoes – Comfortable. Heels and grass don’t play well together.

Music level – There may be noise ordinances that you will have to abide by. Uninvited guests, like park & recreation officials, might put a damper on the festivities.

Time – Consider if there are other events going on in the park at same time you want to host your event. It may be challenging to create an intimate atmosphere with other activities going on around you.

Additional equipment – Tents, jump castles, or anything that requires ground stakes may require special permission.

Outdoor spaces can provide the perfect backdrop for various types of events. However, there are special considerations that hosts have to keep in mind before they enjoy the outdoors with their guests. If you find yourself at a loss for what to do next, call a planner, they’ll know what to do 😉





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Fearless, Trash, or Rock…Safely.

TTDFearless Bridal. Trash the Dress. Rock the Frock.

These post-wedding photo shoots are not new. Brides (and some grooms)  are using these sessions as not only an opportunity to wear the dress again, but expressing their creativity and have some fun.

Everything from paintball, mudslinging, shredding, food fighting, dumpster diving, swimming, to setting it ablaze. The point of these shoots is for the bride to have a blast while capturing another wedding-related memory, one that is even more unique to her personality. Regardless of the method, safety should ALWAYS be at the forefront. While aiming for the perfectly, unmatched image, all involved should take precautions to make sure that  tragedies like a recent drowning death do not occur by putting themselves at risk unnecessarily.

I applaud the brides that endure to make their wedding events exactly what they want them to be. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.”



What do you think of these photo shoots? Passing trend or here to stay?








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To Shower….or Something Else

medium_4831360806If you’re not the “tea and cucumber sandwiches” kid of girl and the days of wild nights out with the girls filled with pink drinks and other activities that shall not be mentioned are behind you, today is your lucky day! Below are some out-of-the-box, eccentric, and distinctive (wink) ideas for your bridal shower:

Arcade. Set up an area filled with old-school arcade games like Ms. Pacman and Pinball. Load them up with quarters so the girls can play all night.

Cooking Class/Demonstration. Find a chef or caterer that will provide a cooking demonstration or class. After the hard work is done, relax and enjoy the meal that you’ve prepared with your best girlfriends.

Drive-In – Bring your own snacks while catching a double feature.

Game Show – Some DJs will create hokey versions of game shows, but for the quiz show couple, this could be done well with the right investment.

Stand-Up Comedy – An all-ladies comedy show would have you and the ladies in stiches.

Casino Night – Bring in a crap table, blackjack, or even a roulette wheel and hire some dealers to host your own casino night in.

Scavenger Hunt – Particularly if some of your gal pals are out-of-towners, a scavenger hunt around the city might be pretty cool.

Runway Show – Who better to help you perfect your strut than the chicks that are closest to you?

Don’t get me wrong, if high tea is right up your alley, by all means do it. If you’re looking for a different type of experience, hopefully something on this list catches your eye.


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Happy Independence….


Fourth of July Watermelon

Fourth of July Watermelon

Happy Fourth of July !!!!!

As we recognize the federal holiday that celebrates the 237 years since our nation adopted the Declaration of Independence, we think about the self-evident truths that were endowed by our Creator, along with certain unalienable rights. In case you’re drawing a blank, those are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Helping my clients realize the dreams for their events is one of the ways in which I pursue my happiness, and I’m grateful for each and every person that has trusted me with their vision. I’m looking forward to an even more eventful second half of 2013.

My family wishes your family a wonderfully awesome Fourth of July, and don’t eat too much BBQ. Then again, go ahead and exercise your independence while pursuing your happiness….have at it J


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