Wedding Planning…for the Boys

ImageSince the dawn of time, guys have been relegated to the shadows of the women in their family and their fiancees plan their wedding.The only decision they’ve been allowed to make is…let’s be honest, they don’t make any decisions.

The guys now have an advocate: the proposal planner. This person is available to help the groom-to-be orchestrate the one question that gets it all statrted. If he’s at a loss for ideas, they can help. If he doesn’t know how to put the event together, they can help. If he needs help shopping for the ring, they can help.

Some think of the proposal planning as the “wedding event for guys”, he gets to be in charge and the event is coordinated the way he wants it to go. He’s happy when the proposal goes according to plan (with minimum effort on his part), and she’s happy that she not only gotthe ring, but she has this fabulous, over-the-top event to remember.

While many consider this as a win-win, others say that using a planner lacks the emotional investment and spontaneity that should accompany a proposal.

What do you think??

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