How to Gauge the Level of your Event’s Pin-dictability

MasonJarsAs an event planner, every new client presents an opportunity to spark some creativity to bring a vision to life. There is a lot of work that goes on between the client signing their contract and the first meeting to discuss the details of the desired look for the event. We encourage clients to focus on what makes them unique in deciding the look of their event, and a client that presents images that give an idea of what is always welcomed. However, it’s important for the client to rely on these images for inspiration, rather than seeking to replicate them completely.
Can you think of one outlet that is rich with images of events and decor that is constantly replenished?? I’ll give you a hint: Pinterest.

The booming success of Pinterest has essentially birthed a “formula” for event decor, keep in mind whether or not some of these popular trends really suit you:

Barns with stringed lights
Mason Jars
Chuck Taylors (confession: these are my favorite shoes.)
Chalkboard signs
Unique buffet setups (candy, sliders, popcorn, etc.)
Mustaches for the photo booth

I am in NO way knocking these event aspects, these are great additions to any event. My point is that people are neglecting their true vision for what they see online. Your event should be 100% YOU, not a mashup of ideas that you’ve collected. If you are a fan of wearing your Chucks with party dresses and like chicken nugget buffets, by all means do you.
Be sure to call me for the nuggets….


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