Why the World would End if Event Planners Disappeared

Casual EventI may be biased, but I think this would be a catastrophe of catastrophic proportion…

If there were no event planners, the world would be filled with stressed out, overwhelmed, frustrated, crazy haired people that walk around muttering off the items on their to do lists to no one in particular.

Globalization has played a significant role in the growth of the event planning industry, corporations are expanding beyond their borders, and planners are relied upon to facilitate meetings, launches, openings, etc. Baby boomers have disposable income to spend. When times are good, people want to celebrate, and when are bad, people want something to get their minds off the daily grind…so they celebrate.

If event planners disappeared, those that lead such busy lives would find themselves buried under a mountain of tasks to accomplish for their celebration, and will have to ensure that all aspects are brought together seamlessly during the event. Thus, they would have to work at their own celebration.

Pretty soon people wouldn’t want to celebrate anymore, because it’s too much like work. There would be no laughter, no merriment, no joy…just work.

And a world full of just work simply will not last…..

Aren’t you lucky you know an event planner? πŸ˜‰

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