10 Quick (and Effective) Event Budgeting Tips

Establishing a budget (and sticking to it!) is an important component of a successful event. The key is to focus on the items that matter most to you, thus allowing some wiggle room in other areas. Below are a few tips to keep you from busting your event budget:


  1. Limit the Number of Guests. Less guests means less money on food and drinks.
  2. Take the Road Less Traveled. Consider off-peak times, days or seasons, or a less popular location.
  3. Skip the Blank Slate. Opt for venues that already have the atmosphere you’re looking for at your event, you’ll spend less on decorations.
  4. Go Green. Save on printing and postage costs by sending evites.
  5. Change up your Centerpieces. If you want flowers, opt for those with bigger blooms so you can use less stems. Candle arrangements are another alternative.
  6. Complimentary Linens.  Certain venues (restaurants, hotels) do not charge additional fees for linen when hosting an event.
  7. Use your own Tunes. Create a playlist and hook up your mp3 player to the audio system instead of hiring a DJ or band.
  8. Limit the Liquor. The best way to save on alcohol is to limit the choices at the bar, sometimes beer and wine will do just fine.
  9. Don’t Eat Cake. Many venues charge a cake cutting fee if you bring in outside baked goods. Brownies, anyone?
  10. Hire a Planner. You will benefit from their existing relationships with vendors, experience with working within a budget, and they are skilled in the art of negotiation.



It is very possible to save money while still achieving the event you want. A little imagination and creativity along with organization and coordination can go a long way toward an awesome event that doesn’t break the bank.

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