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The Basics of Event Planning Revealed

Many have marveled at the feats of planners, how they keep so many things organized without a notepad, how they manage to be calm all the time without the apparent use of any substances, and how the heck they always know the name and person to ask for at a local business that happens to sell what you want for your event.
Well, I’m here to tell you the foundational, bedrock, most basic principles of event planning.
Here goes:

Food and Space.

Yep, you read correctly. The success or failure of your event hinges on the food and the space.

By the time you seek the services of a professional planner, you already know (ballpark) how many guests you will have… that’s where the two uber-important aspects in event planning: food and space.

A hungry guest is a disgruntled and unsatisfied guest. A guest with no place to sit, space to park, or room to shake their groove thing is a disgruntled and unsatisfied guest.

Which brings us back to…food and space. Once these two items are crossed off your planning checklist, everything else is gravy. (really, the other stuff isn’t as cumbersome).

So, now that you know the basics, what are you going to do when the time comes to plan your next event??
Call a planner, of course! We’ll help with everything else 😉


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Wedding Planning…for the Boys

ImageSince the dawn of time, guys have been relegated to the shadows of the women in their family and their fiancees plan their wedding.The only decision they’ve been allowed to make is…let’s be honest, they don’t make any decisions.

The guys now have an advocate: the proposal planner. This person is available to help the groom-to-be orchestrate the one question that gets it all statrted. If he’s at a loss for ideas, they can help. If he doesn’t know how to put the event together, they can help. If he needs help shopping for the ring, they can help.

Some think of the proposal planning as the “wedding event for guys”, he gets to be in charge and the event is coordinated the way he wants it to go. He’s happy when the proposal goes according to plan (with minimum effort on his part), and she’s happy that she not only gotthe ring, but she has this fabulous, over-the-top event to remember.

While many consider this as a win-win, others say that using a planner lacks the emotional investment and spontaneity that should accompany a proposal.

What do you think??

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Target’s Wedding Bullseye

Your favorite neighborhood upper-scale big box store, Target, has launched a new line, and it’s not Missoni, Carolina Herrerra, or Jason Wu….it’s a bridal collection. (Yes, bridal)
The Tevolio collection in only available online and includes ten bridesmaid dresses in a variety of colors, two dress options for your flower princess, and four bridal gowns.
The average cost of a wedding dress these days is $1,200 and there certainly are brides out there that have no problem spending that and more on their dress. BUT, I would like to offer a few reasons why every bride should check out this collection:

– the looks are classic (translation: timeless, not trendy)
– easily customizable to suit your unique personality
– inexpensive, prices range from $69.99 to $129.99
– sizes range from 2 to 28

So, what do you think of Target getting into the bridal market? Would you wear a Target dress at your wedding?


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How to Gauge the Level of your Event’s Pin-dictability

MasonJarsAs an event planner, every new client presents an opportunity to spark some creativity to bring a vision to life. There is a lot of work that goes on between the client signing their contract and the first meeting to discuss the details of the desired look for the event. We encourage clients to focus on what makes them unique in deciding the look of their event, and a client that presents images that give an idea of what is always welcomed. However, it’s important for the client to rely on these images for inspiration, rather than seeking to replicate them completely.
Can you think of one outlet that is rich with images of events and decor that is constantly replenished?? I’ll give you a hint: Pinterest.

The booming success of Pinterest has essentially birthed a “formula” for event decor, keep in mind whether or not some of these popular trends really suit you:

Barns with stringed lights
Mason Jars
Chuck Taylors (confession: these are my favorite shoes.)
Chalkboard signs
Unique buffet setups (candy, sliders, popcorn, etc.)
Mustaches for the photo booth

I am in NO way knocking these event aspects, these are great additions to any event. My point is that people are neglecting their true vision for what they see online. Your event should be 100% YOU, not a mashup of ideas that you’ve collected. If you are a fan of wearing your Chucks with party dresses and like chicken nugget buffets, by all means do you.
Be sure to call me for the nuggets….


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Why the World would End if Event Planners Disappeared

Casual EventI may be biased, but I think this would be a catastrophe of catastrophic proportion…

If there were no event planners, the world would be filled with stressed out, overwhelmed, frustrated, crazy haired people that walk around muttering off the items on their to do lists to no one in particular.

Globalization has played a significant role in the growth of the event planning industry, corporations are expanding beyond their borders, and planners are relied upon to facilitate meetings, launches, openings, etc. Baby boomers have disposable income to spend. When times are good, people want to celebrate, and when are bad, people want something to get their minds off the daily grind…so they celebrate.

If event planners disappeared, those that lead such busy lives would find themselves buried under a mountain of tasks to accomplish for their celebration, and will have to ensure that all aspects are brought together seamlessly during the event. Thus, they would have to work at their own celebration.

Pretty soon people wouldn’t want to celebrate anymore, because it’s too much like work. There would be no laughter, no merriment, no joy…just work.

And a world full of just work simply will not last…..

Aren’t you lucky you know an event planner? 😉

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Are Your Guests (Impatiently) Waiting for You?

Distinctive Soirees

Reception Menu

So, a friend of mine attended a wedding recently (Note: I was in no way involved with the aforementioned soiree.), and was appalled at the amount of time she and the other guests waited at the reception venue for the bride and groom to arrive. The invitations stated that the reception would immediately follow the ceremony, so naturally, everybody hightailed it over to the second location.

They were seated immediately, and anxiously anticipated the newlyweds’ arrival….which occurred two hours later. During this time the guests were not provided refreshments, they tried their best to make small talk and convince each other not to leave.

Your wedding is the first event that you and your spouse host as a couple, is this how you want your guests to remember it? Many couples have their photos taken between the ceremony and reception, that is “tradition”. However, when it comes to your big day, your and…

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A Little WOW goes a long Way….

A round of WOW for everyone!

Who doesn’t want to create the WOW effect at their events? WOW is attention grabbing, it gets people talking, and keeps them coming back.

WOW is the life of the party….

There are 3 important things to remember when trying to create the WOW factor at your event:

W- Weave your personality into your event
O- Others’ involvement (boring events are, well, boring…)
W- Why; help guests understand the significance of your event

Keeping these tips in mind when envisioning the atmosphere you want for your event will guarantee that your guests will enjoy themselves, tell you what a fabulous host you are, and won’t leave without asking, “When’s the next event?”

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10 Quick (and Effective) Event Budgeting Tips

Establishing a budget (and sticking to it!) is an important component of a successful event. The key is to focus on the items that matter most to you, thus allowing some wiggle room in other areas. Below are a few tips to keep you from busting your event budget:


  1. Limit the Number of Guests. Less guests means less money on food and drinks.
  2. Take the Road Less Traveled. Consider off-peak times, days or seasons, or a less popular location.
  3. Skip the Blank Slate. Opt for venues that already have the atmosphere you’re looking for at your event, you’ll spend less on decorations.
  4. Go Green. Save on printing and postage costs by sending evites.
  5. Change up your Centerpieces. If you want flowers, opt for those with bigger blooms so you can use less stems. Candle arrangements are another alternative.
  6. Complimentary Linens.  Certain venues (restaurants, hotels) do not charge additional fees for linen when hosting an event.
  7. Use your own Tunes. Create a playlist and hook up your mp3 player to the audio system instead of hiring a DJ or band.
  8. Limit the Liquor. The best way to save on alcohol is to limit the choices at the bar, sometimes beer and wine will do just fine.
  9. Don’t Eat Cake. Many venues charge a cake cutting fee if you bring in outside baked goods. Brownies, anyone?
  10. Hire a Planner. You will benefit from their existing relationships with vendors, experience with working within a budget, and they are skilled in the art of negotiation.



It is very possible to save money while still achieving the event you want. A little imagination and creativity along with organization and coordination can go a long way toward an awesome event that doesn’t break the bank.

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Event Planner…No More

A new tool has been added to our “toolbox”: Event Decoration!!!!!
We will be offering backdrops for wedding ceremonies, head tables, cake tables and event photo shoots. We are so excited about these additional services for our clients. More coming soon!!!!!


Accredited Event Designer

Accredited Event Designer

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