Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

wedding day emergency kit

wedding day emergency kit

**This was a guest post originally written for Almost There, a blog about chasing your dreams while being happy with what you currently have around you (we’re BIG fans). One of the fabulous “Annes” got married recently in a epic Instagram event called #hollicon, and we provided this handy-dandy list of items for Holli to build her kit.
(We’re positive it has been preserved for posterity…..)
So, your big day is here. You’ve been stressed to your highest potential and have had several bumps along the road, but the day is finally here. Your wedding day.
You finally have a moment to take  deep breath and imagine what it will be like when you say, ‘I do, and your thoughts suddenly are interrupted by a the sound of your flower girl crying because she’s fallen and now has a run in her stockings, followed by your maid of honor complaining that her shoes are going to give her a blister, and you just heard that one of the groomsmen has spilled his last-minute meatball sub down the front of his tuxedo shirt. Congratulations!
Fortunately, you have a well-stocked wedding day emergency kit on hand, thanks to your planner. Crises averted. For the brides that need to make sure they are prepared for the worst, below are your must-have items for wedding day emergencies:
  • 1.     Full sewing kit – in the event of a loose button or split seam
  • 2.     Clear nail polish – stop runs in their tracks
  • 3.     White chalk –  to mask stains
  • 4.     Moleskin – for blisters
  • 5.     Bandages – last minute alterations can be dangerous
  • 6.     Pain reliever – for the Drama Queen, er, maid of honor
  • 7.     Nail polish in your shade – freshen up your manicure
  • 8.     Double sided tape – for wardrobe malfunctions
  • 9.     Adhesive hem tape – stop loose hems in a snap
  • 10.  Snacks/antacid – nausea doesn’t look good on anyone

There you have it. With these tools at your disposal you can take on anything that comes your way on your big day, and have time to tuck your cape in and be cool, calm, and beautiful as you walk down the aisle.

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