Houston, we have a problem (at home)…

Dinner PartyHere at Distinctive Soirees, we don’t only plan weddings and other “formal” events, we help clients to enjoy hosting events at their home as well.
Just as we equip our brides with a “Sanity Saver” emergency kit for the big day, we provide a few must-haves for clients when they entertain at home to ensure they are able to enjoy their guests.

Matches- in the event of a bum lighter
Extra candles- no such thing as too much ambience in our book
Extra TP and a plunger in each restroom- no explanation needed
Extra folding chairs- some people just show up without RSVPing
Extra bottle opener- noticing a trend here?
Take out menus- we know YOU wouldn’t need these, but the “other” folks should plan for a kitchen disaster
mp3 playlist- your 8 track collection might mysteriously disappear

Our goal is to help our clients have an enjoyable event, regardless of the number of people on the guest list. While we hope that you never have to use your emergency kit, having these items handy will ensure that you have a distinctive evening πŸ˜‰


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