No-vite?! Rude…or Smart Planning?


Soooo, it’s here. The latest wedding trend…and it’s a real eye-opener: the No-vite. Newly engaged couples are opting to notify people that they are not invited to their wedding. Instead of a “Save the Date” they get a “Don’t Worry about the Date” we don’t want you to be there announcement. Wedding planners are being tasked with contacting those on the non-guest list and regrettably informing them that their presence is not requested. Purveyors of wedding etiquette call practice this very tacky and uncouth, but for the couple that is on a tight budget, the thought of eliminating the awkward conversation about when invitations will be sent makes this all worth it.

What’s your opinion?

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One thought on “No-vite?! Rude…or Smart Planning?

  1. That is really a smart planning and no doubt about it.Well i use to be a event organizer but in some conference in Finland inviting sometimes is another problem for doing it.

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