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For the Couple that Has it All…..


If you’re at a loss for ideas on what to buy for your best friend since 3rd grade- who met a great guy/girl 2 years ago-is getting married- and has everything, we have just the thing:  a house!

Yes, programs like the FHA Bridal Registry, Hatch My House( , and Down Payment Dreams (   allow couples to register for funds to be deposited into a savings account in lieu of wedding gifts, to be used as a down payment on their home. Many attest that this is the best way for couples to acknowledge that cash gifts are acceptable,  and earn interest on their “gifts”, while others think it’s chez gauche.

What do you think??

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No-vite?! Rude…or Smart Planning?


Soooo, it’s here. The latest wedding trend…and it’s a real eye-opener: the No-vite. Newly engaged couples are opting to notify people that they are not invited to their wedding. Instead of a “Save the Date” they get a “Don’t Worry about the Date” we don’t want you to be there announcement. Wedding planners are being tasked with contacting those on the non-guest list and regrettably informing them that their presence is not requested. Purveyors of wedding etiquette call practice this very tacky and uncouth, but for the couple that is on a tight budget, the thought of eliminating the awkward conversation about when invitations will be sent makes this all worth it.

What’s your opinion?

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