Not the Average Baby Shower


We all know the story:

Boy meets Girl.

Boy likes Girl.

Girl likes Boy.

Boy and Girl get married.

Boy and Girl are expecting.

Girl gets excited for the baby shower.

Boy gets excited for….the dadchelor party.  (Huh?)

Yes, the boys have made the baby shower a manly event…complete with “I’m the Daddy” tshirts and a diaper keg. Despite the occasion, there are still the typical guys’ activities; gambling, beer, hunting, etc. In this age of gender equality, it’s about time that the men were able to express their sheer joy and giddiness surrounding the new addition to their family. 

(Either that or they don’t think they’ll ever have fun again in life so they want one last chance to go crazy….)

Whatever the motivation, HAPPY PLANNING 😉



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