MAN-icures and Other Pre-Event Suggestions for Him

Fellas, we love you and your manliness. There are times we appreciate your just-outta-bed hair, imperfect eyebrows, and callused hands. When there is a HUGE event coming up, not so much…

If time is on your side, say 3 months or more, you have time to institute a skin care regimen. Ever wonder what we girls are doing in the bathroom just before bed? Exfoliants, serums, eye creams, these are what keep us looking FABULOUS…your routine could do the same for you. (just a suggestion, geez…)

Go to the spa. Yes, there are spas for guys, they’re probably very well hidden, and you’ll have to know the password to get in (kidding!). Trust me, they exist. You can get a massage, straight razor shave, and a man mask to freshen your complexion.

MANicure. Raggedy nails are not sexy. Ever.

Haircut. This darn well should be on your list already.

In my opinion these are not in any way difficult to kick off, and you will definitely be less stressed in the days leading up to your event. Besides, your woman will be pleased, and you know what that means for you 😉




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