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Registries Aren’t Just for Weddings

Have you gotten tube socks (again!) for your birthday? Do you find yourself having to leave not-so-subtle hints about what you want for your upcoming special occasion? Well, I have a solution to your problem: Giftster. (yes, there’s an app for that as well.)

For the present picking impaired people in your life, this system allows you to easily share your wish list with those you love and invite, and all they have to do go to the store!

There is also a group functon, where family members and friends can share, view and reserve gift ideas with each other. No more secret meetings to determine what color apron to buy Mom for her birthday (groan…), and you won’t end up with three blenders at your housewarming party! It’s as easy as checking the list!



Planner or Coordinator: What’s the Difference?

The events industry is unique in that professionals are essentially free to call themselves whatever they want, there’s no one standard like other career fields. We can be Event Planner Queen, Mistress of Wedding Planning, Head Planner in Charge, etc. This can cause a lot of confusion not only when dealing with vendors, but choosing your event professional could be difficult. While the terms planner and coordinator could be used interchangably, there are fundamental differences in the duties associated with each title.

An event planner is one who helps her clients with all aspects of bringing their event to fruition, The planner does the actual coordinating of all aspects of the event from start to finish.

An event coordinator executes the plan that her clients have put together (call her the Executioner). With regard to weddings, the coordinator is usually brought in during the month of the wedding and she manages the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. For other events she would handle everything related to the event on the day of the event, giving clients the freedom to relax and enjoy their guests.

The only way to guarantee that you are getting the services you are going to pay for is to make sure the details are outlined in your contract with your event professional, regardless of their title.


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An Event Planner’s Bucket List

I’m a big fan of lists; office to-do, groceries, errands, etc. I take the most joy out of crossing things off my list as I get them accomplished, and I’m not above a singular celebration when my list is complete. Considering every envent brings its own bucket list, I’ve been thinking about the events/tasks I’d like to accomplish before I “kick the bucket” with respect to event planning. I hope to start crossing things off very soon:

1. Bachelor party

2. Take a floral arranging course.

3. Beach event (I’m talking  lanterns, linen, and limbo…)

4. Donate my services for an Operation Shower event

5. Shadow Preston Bailey for one day

6. Make the 2013 Female Veterans Stand Down an even bigger success

7. Have a zydeco band on speed dial, for whenever I feel like dancing 😉

8. Golden anniversary party

9. Coach more small business owners on how they can increase traffic through events

10. Hand the reins of a successful small business to my child


So there it is…. wish me luck!!!!!


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