Are You too Proud to Beg (for Pics)?

The primary reason for hiring a photographer for your event is to ensure that every moment is captured–all of the laughs, love…and line dancing.  Because you’ll have your hands full being the fabulous host that you are, you don’t have time to worry about the photographer missing a fabulous moment that happened at Table 7 while he was on the other side of the room. However, you can bet your last margarita that your guests will also be clicking away on their own picture-capturing devices, highlighting a different aspect of the evening altogether.

So  instead of begging, borrowing, or stealing those pictures from their phones, camera, and social media pages, there is a resource available that eliminates the “Send me that funny pic of my sister!” emails.

WeddingSnap  allows you to create an online album for your event, all your guests have to do it download the app and upload your special code. Every photo that is taken through the app will be automatically uploaded to your album in real time! No tagging required. You can also order “save the code” cards for your guests so they don’t forget to use the app.

So there you have it; one less thing for you to sweat about. Pick your package on and get started. I see great pictures in your future 🙂



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