A Reception to be Remembered….

For the most part, your wedding guests expect to eat, have some wine, and do a few line dances (Electric Slide, anyone?) at your reception. They understand that they have no control over who will be seated at the table with them, and simply hope that you’re not holding some type of grudge that would force them to end up next to the kitchen.

So, I offer you a few ideas to keep your guests actively engaged while you and your new spouse are taking your wedding photos:

Themed Reception: yes, you can have a themed reception, even if you had a traditional wedding. It’s your day, make your own rules!! (Mardi Gras masks and beads, top hats and canes, etc…)

Table Games: nothing a a game of “Find Someone Who” or Mad Libs to break the ice.

Surprise Ending: If you plan to party all night long, you want to make sure your guests don’t cut out early. Entice them with a party-ending surprise; fireworks, belly dancer, or a wedding party flash mob.

The bottom line is to remember that your reception is the first event that you’ll host as husband and wife, it’s important to give your guests a good time.

See you on the dance floor!!!



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