Respond S’il Vous PLEASE!!

Don’t feel bad, it’s happened to all of us. After painstakingly planning an event, complete with refreshment, food, and decor. Weeks of planning the guest list and the perfect invitations selected and sent out. As the day of your event gets closer, you get more and more excited…and nauseous. Then it hits you, not one single person has RSVP’d…

Fret not, I have a few  (not so) covert methods you can use to “encourage invited guests to “respondez s’il vous plait”.

Free Stuff: DUH.. I know it should be enough that you’re providing food for these moochers, but we all know that some people need a little extra nudge. Consider a “Guest Gift” drawing for those that RSVP by the deadline to be entered for a chance to win something super cool. (be sure to keep the prize a secret.)

Missing Info: I have purposely omitted important information about an event (one of the 5 W’s), thus prompting those that plan to attend to call. Once they do, there is your opportunity to hear it from their lips that they’re coming.

Keep It Simple: If your guests have to sign their name, check a box, place an X, give a fingerprint, etc. just to let you know they will attend your event, chances are you won’t get a response. If you provide a quick and easy method to RSVP (text, email, phone call) it won’t be as easy for your guests to say, “I was too busy to send that carrier pigeon back.”

So there, now you can relax….




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