Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

Unless your last name is Trump or Buffett, your money is indeed an object, and if you have pending nuptials, every penny saved is worth it. Well, you’re in luck becasue I have a few ideas to help you cut costs on an apect of your wedding that can sneak up and bite you in the wallet if you’re not careful: centerpieces.

Use What you’ve Got: do you or a family member have a green thumb? You could use the flowers straight from your garden, or bushes and branches as fillers.

Keep it Simple: don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed with complementing color palettes and such, stick with one color. When in doubt, white goes with any decor.

Rock Out: It’s no surprise that rocks have made their way into living rooms and offices (and your reception table), they’re incredibly cheap and require absolutely no maintenance.

Fruits and Veggies: I’m willing to be that whatever your color scheme is, you will beable to find a plethora of produce to make a stunning centerpiece. And after the festivites are over, your guests can take home a healthy snack 🙂

I hope you will find these tips helpful. However, if the thought of conjuring up centerpiece designs give you hives, just call your planner, she’ll know what to do 😉





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