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A Reception to be Remembered….

For the most part, your wedding guests expect to eat, have some wine, and do a few line dances (Electric Slide, anyone?) at your reception. They understand that they have no control over who will be seated at the table with them, and simply hope that you’re not holding some type of grudge that would force them to end up next to the kitchen.

So, I offer you a few ideas to keep your guests actively engaged while you and your new spouse are taking your wedding photos:

Themed Reception: yes, you can have a themed reception, even if you had a traditional wedding. It’s your day, make your own rules!! (Mardi Gras masks and beads, top hats and canes, etc…)

Table Games: nothing a a game of “Find Someone Who” or Mad Libs to break the ice.

Surprise Ending: If you plan to party all night long, you want to make sure your guests don’t cut out early. Entice them with a party-ending surprise; fireworks, belly dancer, or a wedding party flash mob.

The bottom line is to remember that your reception is the first event that you’ll host as husband and wife, it’s important to give your guests a good time.

See you on the dance floor!!!



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Love Letter to an Entrepreneur

Webster defines “entrepreneur” as :  one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.

Dear Entrepreneur,

I want you to succeed. I want your business to grow. I want you to get real about what it takes.  Faint hearted and lily-livered need not apply. This is a constantly-changing environment, and if you want to succeed (why else would you have started a business anyway??) you have to at least stay with the curve. There is too much at stake. That which worked for you 2 years ago will not work today; its time to get creative, out of the box, leading-edge, innovative.

Focus on your customer. They don’t need to know your personal struggles, they’re there to make a purchase. Keep it professional, give them a pleasant experience, that will lead to more business.

Stay away from the “I don’ts”.

I don’t know how ( there are a plethora of available resources!).

I don’t have time (if it’s worth it, make time!).

I don’t remember (take notes!).

You didn’t go into business for yourself expecting it to be a breeze..I hope. This takes sweat, tears, anad maybe some blood, but you have what it takes to make it work. Not everybody has the cojones to dive into entrepreneurship, you are among a small group of crazy people. Welcome!

I’d be remiss of my duties if I negelcted to mention planning: business planning. Those that fail to plan, plan to fail. Enough said.

Go Forth and Prosper!!!!

Days that are so long that they run into nights that run into days.  Let’s be real, entrepreneurship is

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Respond S’il Vous PLEASE!!

Don’t feel bad, it’s happened to all of us. After painstakingly planning an event, complete with refreshment, food, and decor. Weeks of planning the guest list and the perfect invitations selected and sent out. As the day of your event gets closer, you get more and more excited…and nauseous. Then it hits you, not one single person has RSVP’d…

Fret not, I have a few  (not so) covert methods you can use to “encourage invited guests to “respondez s’il vous plait”.

Free Stuff: DUH.. I know it should be enough that you’re providing food for these moochers, but we all know that some people need a little extra nudge. Consider a “Guest Gift” drawing for those that RSVP by the deadline to be entered for a chance to win something super cool. (be sure to keep the prize a secret.)

Missing Info: I have purposely omitted important information about an event (one of the 5 W’s), thus prompting those that plan to attend to call. Once they do, there is your opportunity to hear it from their lips that they’re coming.

Keep It Simple: If your guests have to sign their name, check a box, place an X, give a fingerprint, etc. just to let you know they will attend your event, chances are you won’t get a response. If you provide a quick and easy method to RSVP (text, email, phone call) it won’t be as easy for your guests to say, “I was too busy to send that carrier pigeon back.”

So there, now you can relax….




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Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

Unless your last name is Trump or Buffett, your money is indeed an object, and if you have pending nuptials, every penny saved is worth it. Well, you’re in luck becasue I have a few ideas to help you cut costs on an apect of your wedding that can sneak up and bite you in the wallet if you’re not careful: centerpieces.

Use What you’ve Got: do you or a family member have a green thumb? You could use the flowers straight from your garden, or bushes and branches as fillers.

Keep it Simple: don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed with complementing color palettes and such, stick with one color. When in doubt, white goes with any decor.

Rock Out: It’s no surprise that rocks have made their way into living rooms and offices (and your reception table), they’re incredibly cheap and require absolutely no maintenance.

Fruits and Veggies: I’m willing to be that whatever your color scheme is, you will beable to find a plethora of produce to make a stunning centerpiece. And after the festivites are over, your guests can take home a healthy snack 🙂

I hope you will find these tips helpful. However, if the thought of conjuring up centerpiece designs give you hives, just call your planner, she’ll know what to do 😉





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