So You Want to Have Kids….

…at your wedding, huh? Many people will tell you that you’re asking for trouble. Kids and weddings don’t mix.

Well, if we can get a woman on the moon, why the heck can’t a wedding be planned with kids in mind??

The trick is to divide and conquer. Here are a few suggestions to keep the youngest guests occupied

Kids Carnival: Think clowns, balloon animals, face painting..or how about a mime?? 

Sports Galore: Hula hoops, jump ropes, Nerf, mini golf, and the like. Depending on the venue, you may be able to rent or borrow these items on site.

Techno: This goes without saying, but portable electronics have done an excellent job of keeping a child quiet and focused. Wii, Xbox Kinect, or PS3 and enough joysticks are sure to go over well.

Keep in mind that  you would have to hire additional staff to be in charge of child care, but its worth not hearing a screaming child while you’re pledging to love your spouse forever and ever. Your wedding and reception are the first major event that you and your spouse host, so it is up to you to ensure your guests have an enjoyable time. If there are small children involved, I’m sure the parents won’t mind knowing that their kids are being well taken care of….in the next room 🙂







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