Celebrate Mom Today

When I started today’s blog, it was one of joy, excitement, and celebration.  I was in a fantastic mood, ready to start a new week with a positive mindset.

To the women that have birthed, loved, and nurtured children, this is your day. You can lounge around in your pajamas and watch the shows you enjoy but don’t have time to watch (uninterrupted), you don’t have to step foot into the kitchen except to grab your stash of gummy bears from the cabinet, and you don’t have to go to work tomorrow, so you get the house all to yourself!!!

This blog post ends in a totally different universe than where is starts…


Before I could type another word, I got a call that delivered news that was devestating to me; my grandmother had passed away. The masculine voice on the other end of the phone was grief-stricken and could not continue the conversation, he had to “pull himself together and call me back”. I sat motionless for a what seemed like eternity, while I tried to force my brain to get back on track and finish my blog.


Five hours later I am back in front of the computer, determined to celebrate the memory of the woman who’s advice I sought when I was 20 years old and undecided about what to do with my life. The woman who was the nucleus of the family cell that consists of my mother and her nine siblings and their children. We always convened at her house when one of us that “lives off” came home to visit.

While I have shed many tears on this Mother’s Day, and am struggling to read through watery eyes as I type, I will not focus on the fact that she is not here. Instead I will focus on the fact that my daughter was able to get to spend some time with her “G-Granny”, and the blessing of having her in my life for 33 years, knowing that without her my mother would not be here and neither would I.

Taking all of that into consideration, I can’t help but smile.


Celebrate the Moms in your life today, and every day.







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