Deadlines, Shmeadlines…

Everybody has ’em, most people hate ’em, some of us need ’em.

The first definition that appears for the word deadline is :

“a line drawn within or around a prison that a prisoner passes at the risk of being shot ”

Literally, a dead-line. Fortunately for us, when we use the word it implies something less life threatening..sometimes.

When you have an event on the horizon, it’s easy to fall into the trap called “I have plenty of time to do that.” However, without establishing a priority list and checking it twice (it works for Santa, doesn’t it?), you put yourself in a reactive position. For example, if you have a year to plan your wedding and know you want to be two sizes smaller, it would help to note when you need to start your diet.

A professional event planner can assist you with a timeline to ensure you have allowed time to take care of everything before your event. And if you need help staying on track, some of us carry whips 😉


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