Stand Down and Grand Opening

Oookay, what a week it has been…

Last Saturday, 28 April, the 5th Annual Homeless Veterans and Veterans in Need Stand Down took place in Columbus, GA. It was also the FIRST Female Veterans Stand Down in the state, and the east coast. As a female veteran (HOOAH), this is a cause that is extremely close to me and my family. This was the second year that I participated, and I was granted the honor of leading the Female Stand Down. No pressure at all…

The entire are was completely off limits to males, and we all know what usually happens when a man is told he can’t do something: he makes it his business to do it. I found myself in full NCO mode, issuing orders to volunteers, and escorting the wanderers out of my area. I had a great time! The day was devoted to servicing the women  and showing our appreciation, and based on the comments I received, they were very grateful. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

What have I done since coming out of an event on such a large scale? Jump right into another event, what else?? I am putting the finishing touches on the Friday, 4 May Grand Opening for JumpStart Nutrition, a local fitness club. There will be giveaways, samplings, and wellness info to help people reach their goals.

This event will bring an end to a l-o-n-g month of planning and craziness, and open the doors to more planning and craziness. I can hardly wait!Image


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