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Jazz it Up!

I bet I know what you’re doing this weekend….

There’s going to be some refreshing drinks, your famous pasta salad, baked beans with just the right amount of brown sugar, and meat of the barbecued persuasion.

How about some jazz?? Today is International Jazz Day, and if you won’t be spending today in New Orleans, enjoy the tunes with your family at home! There are many different types of music, and people have certainly have their likes and dislikes, but who doesn’t like jazz?! So,don’t waste another minute without some tunes, maybe some Howlin’ Wolf or Miles Davis for the old heads, or some Esperanza Spalding for the new schoolers. 

Enjy your weekend!!



White at Your Wedding?? NOPE!!

Many girls dream of a flowing white wedding dress complete with Swarovski crystals and beading, with a long train and veil. If this is not your ideal wedding day, fret not, there are options out there. For the ladies that wouldn’t dare be caught getting married in a white dress, below is a compilation of the colors in the rainbow.

ROYGBIV Dress Ideas:


ROYGBIV-Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet

Why You Should Consider a Wedding Website

Weddngs are steeped in traditions. Dad walking daughter down the aisle, something old, new, borrowed, and blue, the first dance, etc. However there are trends that are popping up all over, and engaged couples are embracing them with open arms. The biggest one? The personal website.

This is practically a no-brainer, even grandma is on Facebook these days, so why not incorporate a technology aspect into your wedding planning? The website functions as your announcement (lower mailing costs), out of town family members can stay up to date on the details (less phone calls), and the website can be a one stop shop for the numerous registries. Additionally, email invitations are FREE!!

Need help? Your planner can assist you with getting your site set up and maintenance, and all you’ll have to do is notify your loved ones.




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So You Want to Have Kids….

…at your wedding, huh? Many people will tell you that you’re asking for trouble. Kids and weddings don’t mix.

Well, if we can get a woman on the moon, why the heck can’t a wedding be planned with kids in mind??

The trick is to divide and conquer. Here are a few suggestions to keep the youngest guests occupied

Kids Carnival: Think clowns, balloon animals, face painting..or how about a mime?? 

Sports Galore: Hula hoops, jump ropes, Nerf, mini golf, and the like. Depending on the venue, you may be able to rent or borrow these items on site.

Techno: This goes without saying, but portable electronics have done an excellent job of keeping a child quiet and focused. Wii, Xbox Kinect, or PS3 and enough joysticks are sure to go over well.

Keep in mind that  you would have to hire additional staff to be in charge of child care, but its worth not hearing a screaming child while you’re pledging to love your spouse forever and ever. Your wedding and reception are the first major event that you and your spouse host, so it is up to you to ensure your guests have an enjoyable time. If there are small children involved, I’m sure the parents won’t mind knowing that their kids are being well taken care of….in the next room 🙂






Celebrate Mom Today

When I started today’s blog, it was one of joy, excitement, and celebration.  I was in a fantastic mood, ready to start a new week with a positive mindset.

To the women that have birthed, loved, and nurtured children, this is your day. You can lounge around in your pajamas and watch the shows you enjoy but don’t have time to watch (uninterrupted), you don’t have to step foot into the kitchen except to grab your stash of gummy bears from the cabinet, and you don’t have to go to work tomorrow, so you get the house all to yourself!!!

This blog post ends in a totally different universe than where is starts…


Before I could type another word, I got a call that delivered news that was devestating to me; my grandmother had passed away. The masculine voice on the other end of the phone was grief-stricken and could not continue the conversation, he had to “pull himself together and call me back”. I sat motionless for a what seemed like eternity, while I tried to force my brain to get back on track and finish my blog.


Five hours later I am back in front of the computer, determined to celebrate the memory of the woman who’s advice I sought when I was 20 years old and undecided about what to do with my life. The woman who was the nucleus of the family cell that consists of my mother and her nine siblings and their children. We always convened at her house when one of us that “lives off” came home to visit.

While I have shed many tears on this Mother’s Day, and am struggling to read through watery eyes as I type, I will not focus on the fact that she is not here. Instead I will focus on the fact that my daughter was able to get to spend some time with her “G-Granny”, and the blessing of having her in my life for 33 years, knowing that without her my mother would not be here and neither would I.

Taking all of that into consideration, I can’t help but smile.


Celebrate the Moms in your life today, and every day.






Deadlines, Shmeadlines…

Everybody has ’em, most people hate ’em, some of us need ’em.

The first definition that appears for the word deadline is :

“a line drawn within or around a prison that a prisoner passes at the risk of being shot ”

Literally, a dead-line. Fortunately for us, when we use the word it implies something less life threatening..sometimes.

When you have an event on the horizon, it’s easy to fall into the trap called “I have plenty of time to do that.” However, without establishing a priority list and checking it twice (it works for Santa, doesn’t it?), you put yourself in a reactive position. For example, if you have a year to plan your wedding and know you want to be two sizes smaller, it would help to note when you need to start your diet.

A professional event planner can assist you with a timeline to ensure you have allowed time to take care of everything before your event. And if you need help staying on track, some of us carry whips 😉


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Just Dying to Host your Next Event….

Can’t seem to find a venue for your next event? Have you exhausted every possible location and have come up short? Well, I have a solution for you…the local  funeral home!!

Yes, I’m serious….

There is a growing trend of funeral homes  marketing their space as not just a place to mourn the dead but as sites for events celebrating the living, including weddings, birthdays, holiday parties and proms. I know, this may be too morbid for some tastes, but many people are falling in love with the elegant rotundas and marble floors of today’s funeral event centers.

Champions of this shift attest that its no different than having a wedding in a church, where caskets and newly married couples are a regular occurence. A chapel here is a chapel there, correct?

Many tradional wedding and event facilities have been forced to shut their doors because of the economy, but the heart of the funeral business keeps on ticking….

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Stand Down and Grand Opening

Oookay, what a week it has been…

Last Saturday, 28 April, the 5th Annual Homeless Veterans and Veterans in Need Stand Down took place in Columbus, GA. It was also the FIRST Female Veterans Stand Down in the state, and the east coast. As a female veteran (HOOAH), this is a cause that is extremely close to me and my family. This was the second year that I participated, and I was granted the honor of leading the Female Stand Down. No pressure at all…

The entire are was completely off limits to males, and we all know what usually happens when a man is told he can’t do something: he makes it his business to do it. I found myself in full NCO mode, issuing orders to volunteers, and escorting the wanderers out of my area. I had a great time! The day was devoted to servicing the women  and showing our appreciation, and based on the comments I received, they were very grateful. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

What have I done since coming out of an event on such a large scale? Jump right into another event, what else?? I am putting the finishing touches on the Friday, 4 May Grand Opening for JumpStart Nutrition, a local fitness club. There will be giveaways, samplings, and wellness info to help people reach their goals.

This event will bring an end to a l-o-n-g month of planning and craziness, and open the doors to more planning and craziness. I can hardly wait!Image


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