Things your Event Planner Won’t Say About their Job…

Sure, wall have them, the things about our job that we could do without. The things that sometimes make us want to call in sick, or say “I’m just not doing it today.”

Event planners have a list too. Even though this is a profession that we get into because we enjoy it, there are still aspects about it that we would change if given the opportunity.

So, would you like to know what they are? Here goes….

-Long and irregular work hours

-Constant multitasking

-TV makes it look a LOT easier than it really is

-Physical labor is always included

-Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines

Hopefully you are not traumatized by this information, and you are able to sleep tonight in light of this revelation. I think it’s important to understand that event planners do what they do in spite of the downsides, which shows hutzpah, considering they could do be doing something else for a living.





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