Ladies Night Out

When you are in the midst of planning a Ladies Night Out/Girlfriends Getaway/Rebelion/Escape from the Family, there are a few things you absolutely cannot forget. I know you are excited to get together with the ladies that know you best so you can relax, laugh, and have those conversations that can only occur after a few bottles of wine at 3 am. I’m here to make sure that over the course of the night you do not say, “Crap! I forgot to bring (insert item left on your kitchen counter).]

If you remember to carry the following five items, you have just increased your enjoyment level exponentially:

1. Camera – so you can capture the great laughs, and your BFF going down the Soul Train line

2. Mints/gum – no explanation needed

3.  Itinerary – all dressed up with nowhere to go SUCKS

4. Cute hair clip/scrunchie – for a quick updo when you longer have curls

5. Phone number for taxi – Leave no woman behind

Even if you have a few days to plan, you and your girls can still have a great time, provided the essentials are in tow. Image




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