Trailblazers in Your Backyard

It’s Women’s History Month!!!

March is the month to celebrate, champion, and cheer for women everywhere. You really should be doing this EVERY month, and in March you double your efforts :-).

While you go the extra mile to commemorate women like Harriet Tubman, “The Conductor”, and Amelia Earhart, “The Aviator Trailblazer”, Zora Neale Hurston, “The Writer”, or Sandra Day O’Connor, “The Justice”, I want you to think about those women that are much closer to you who have done/are doing amazing things.

For me, it is Delores, “The Mother” who worked as a housekeeper and raised my three siblings and me  by herself, instilling a sense of family unity and independence in each of us, doing the best she knew how with what she had. It is Beulah, “The Grandmother” who left this world too soon, but is still very much present every time I have to stand my ground and tell somebody off. It is Ida, “The Grandmother” who couldn’t envision the world past her street corner, but encouraged me to join the Army and experience the world for myself.  It is Lillian, “The Granny” who told me the unvarnished truth, preparing me to take on the harsh world. It is the cirle of sister/friends/aunties/cousins/gals/homies that uplift, encourage, and motivate me when my shoulders get low.

I celebrate those women, and endure to pass what I get from them along to others. You see, you don’t have to look in the history books to find greatness; sometimes it’s right in your backyard.




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