Happy Leap Day!!!

Yes, it has been four long years since we’ve celebrated this most auspicious occasion, and I for one will not spend the day searching for Leap Day William (shout out to 30 Rock!).

I will use this day exactly as it was intended: adjusting my earthly calendar. I will synchronize my Blackberry, iPad, and day planner to make sure all of my appointments are documented. I will respond to emails that I have been ignoring for the past week, and I will not lose track of time while window shopping during lunch.

This all sounds nice, but I don’t think I’m serious…

Statistics show that the chances of being born on Leap Day are about 1 out of 1500. So if today is your birthday, why aren’t you celebrating?? It’s bad enough your driver’s license probably says your birthday is March 1. It’ll be another 4 years before you can actually celebrate your birthday ON your birthday! So get out there and take some leaps! Seize the day!

Having this extra day in the year presents an extra opportunity to do something that we’ve been thinking about forever, but always found an excuse to not make a move. Well today, take a leap! You’ll be glad you did.



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