carnival or Carnival???


Carnival parade

Happy Carnival Day!!


Yes, today is Carnival Day, a day that celebrates a top entertainment choice for families. Each year, hordes of people from all over attend carnivals to see, clowns, elephants, lions, gravity-defying acts, and most of all, to see what foods can be dipped in batter and fried. I’m not afraid to admit that I am afraid of the deep fried butter; maybe I’ll try the fried PB&J sandwich…

Many carnivals host a parade when they arrive to a new town to let folks know that they have arrived. Speaking of parades, today is also the last day of the Weekend after Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Sure, Carnival Rio ‘officially’ ended last Tuesday, but for many the best way to end a big party is with another big party! The Champions Parade starts on Saturday night, with the top six samba schools (yes, they take their samba VERY seriously, rehearsing for a full year perfecting songs and dance routines) performing, and the morning is ushered in with the Grand Champion school samba-ing to close out the festivities.

I hope you enjoy your carnival/Carnival Day, and celebrate with the ones you love the most. If they happen to be clowns, no worries, we’re not judging…



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