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Resist Fon-don’t, Fondue!!

So, we are currently doing a giveaway; a $50 gift card to The Melting Pot if you book an event by 5 Feb. ‘What’s the Melting Pot?” you say? Well, it’s only the greatest place to eat since melted cheese–literally. Imagine a variety of warm breads, and a big bubbling bowl of cheese to dip them in. What about a plethora of fruits (strawberries, kiwi, banana) with sweet chocolate?

Can you say H-E-A-V-E-N????

So again I say, resist the urge to fon-don’t. Expand your horizons with FONDUE and book your event by 5 Feb for your chance to experience all that this delightful place has to offer, just in time for Valentine’s Day, courtesy of Distinctive Soirees!



Valentine’s Day for the Budget Conscious

Shortly after you have cleaned up the confetti, put away the noisemakers, and drank the last of the New Year’s bubbly, you are reminded that Valentine’s Day is not far away. So what is one to do in economic times such as these? Go on a V-Day Strike! No, that’s not your only option. You can still enjoy the “Day for Lovers” without putting your wallet in the red.

Ladies, we rarely want to admit when our guy is right about something, but who can deny that Valentine’s Day is for us? (and who among us doesn’t secretly squeal with delight?) With so much pressure being put on the men, it’s pretty easy for us to plan a Valentine’s Day for him. Give him a day of Surprises:

1. Write out a “Why I Love You’ list.

2. Put together a group of photos that illustrate your relationship in chronological order.

3. Make his favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.

4. Let him control the remote all day, and you watch with him. Quietly. (I know this will be difficult, but remember, you love the guy!)

5. Do his house hold chores for him. (even though you probably do them all the time anyway..)

For the Guys, if you have agreed to keep spending to a limit this time around, I have a few low-cost suggestions for you as well:

1. Be her masseur for the day.

2. Plan an indoor picnic; basket, fruit, stinky cheese, wine..the whole shebang.

3. Make a CD of her favorite songs, and dance together.

4. Make chocolate-covered strawberries together.

5. Is she a nature lover? Enjoy a sunrise, sunset, or an evening moonlit walk.

If you don’t have a sweetie this Valentine’s Day, you can still celebrate by bringing love, smiles, and laughter to your family, friends, or those with whom you come in contact on this day. Who knows, you might meet the person you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with next year.


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THIS JUST IN: You CAN afford an Event Planner

Someone said to me today, “I just can’t afford to hire a planner.” To that person I responded, “if your budget will not allow you to hire a full service planner, but you want to consult a professional, you can’t afford not to.” Many planners have their services bundled together in packages, and that suits their business. However, for the person that wants to personally handle specific details when planning their event, don’t be afraid to ask your planner to revise your agreement prior to signing. If you have the time and energy to execute your upcoming event, but don’t know where to begin, contact us at (706)478-7361 or contact us on our website: to schedule your event consultation.

We routinely dish out event planning awesomeness on our blog, be sure to follow us so you’re in the loop!

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It’s My Party, And I’ll…..

I can’t think of a person that doesn’t enjoy giving themself a pat on the back, self high five, or do their rendition of the happy dance when they’ve accomplished something. It’s human nature to relish in the spotlight, even if you’re the one aiming the light. That being said, when you are planning your next shindig, remember that you are the host, and as a host, you are responsible for providing a pleasant, enjoyable experience for your guests. Not saying that you shouldn’t have a blast at your party, but remember that your guests care enough about you to celebrate with you, why can’t they have a blast with you??


There is a common misconception that hiring an event planner is a luxury reserved for those with money to burn. The last thing many of us want to consider is paying someone for a service that we could “do ourselves”. My how times have changed. It is no longer as simple as ordering a cake from the nearest grocery store for your child’s birthday. The costs and intricacies associated with planning events have many people turning to coordinators for help. Event planners know the tips, tricks, and have the contacts that could actually save you money and your precious time without sacrificing the quality of your event.

I know, I know, you’re not totally convinced. Here are a items to consider:

1.) Event coordinators have built relationships with vendors whose services you will need to organize your event, and they are afforded discounts as a result of those relationships. If you were to contact the same vendor, you are likely to pay the advertised fees, which could be up to 20% more.

2.)There is never enough time to do everything you need to do, so why not allow a person that thrives on the chaos of planning an event to do the heavy lifting?

3.)You benefit from your planner’s industry knowledge and experience. Do you know who to contact for masks for your masquerade party?

4.) In the event of snaffus during your party, you have an on-site troubleshooter so you are free to be as merry as your guests.

5.) Got a budget? Your coordinator will work with you to create the event you want within your means.

The bottom line is, your planner serves as an extension of you. Whether it is a holiday party, birthday, retirement/promotion, or your club’s upcoming event, your planner is there to make sure you are able to celebrate your occasion.



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Restless Mind…

These days, everything I see is inspiration. Billboards, shoes, a sandwich..(the turkey berry brie at Atlanta Bread is an event all on its own!) Being in this business, its almost impossible not to get ideas from all around you. I am extremely excited about all of the great things in store for 2012, and I hope that my clients continue to allow me the opportunity to make their events distinctive!